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The story of traumatically wounded US veterans who struggle to return home from Iraq and Afghanistan and the people who change the public's perception of how to treat soldiers returning home from war.

On this unforgettable journey Chris Carney - a bartender from New York, Ret SSG Heath Calhoun - a double leg amputee and Ret SSG Ryan Kelly - a single leg amputee both injured while serving in Iraq ride their bicycles across America.  

As Chris, Heath and Ryan travel from town to town veterans and non-veterans join the ride to show their support. No longer a journey of personal accomplishment Soldier Ride begins connecting veterans to the communities they have sacrificed so much for.

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A compelling journey with convicted drug offenders who opt for a tough and pioneering drug court on the East End of Long Island rather than prison.

Three stories tell of drug-ravaged addicts thrown a lifeline out of crime and jail into treatment and recovery.

The film reveals an intimate look into wrecked lives and the staggering costs that lead to crimes of prostitution, robbery, and theft to pay street dealers.

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